Local and International Shipping

Local & International Shipping
Flag Malaysia Malaysia (Free & Express Shipping)
Not applicable to PICOOC product
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International - Southeast Asia
Singapore Singapore   Brunei (Coming Soon)
  India (Coming Soon)   Indonesia (Coming Soon)
  Phillippines (Coming Soon)   Thailand (Coming Soon)
International - Asia
  China (Coming Soon)   Hong Kong (Coming Soon)
  Japan (Coming Soon)   Korea (Coming Soon)
  Pakistan (Coming Soon)   Taiwan (Coming Soon)
International - Europe
Flag UK United Kingdom   Czech Republic (Coming Soon)
  Germany (Coming Soon)   Greece (Coming Soon)
  Hungary (Coming Soon)   Italy (Coming Soon)
  Netherland (Coming Soon)   Russia (Coming Soon)
  Switzerland (Coming Soon)    
International - America
  United States (Coming Soon)   Argentina (Coming Soon)
  Brazil (Coming Soon)   Canada (Coming Soon)
  Ecuador (Coming Soon)   Mexico (Coming Soon)
  Peru (Coming Soon)    
Rest of the world

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